Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 12.19.17 PMPlaying games with people is always better. Today we’re taking a look at an app that bring live multiplayer gaming in a puzzle-based, fast, match-making game for iOS, available as a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.

Viva Match Battle! is somewhat reminiscent of candy crush when it comes to the puzzle game play but completely different in every other sense. Viva Match Battle! is all about match-making and battling other people all over the world. You’ll start off by selecting your character. There are several gorgeous animals to choose from, like Terrific Toucan, Hostile Hippo and more. Once setup, you can quickly jump into practice battle to get acquainted with the gameplay and the puzzle action. The premise is rather simple, but the faster you are the better you’ll be at the end. On a grid of various characters, your job to swap any two at a time to line up at least three identical characters in a row to make them disappear. Different characters determine your defence and attack in a battle. The more 3-character lines you make, the more attack and defense you’ll have for your battle against your opponent. Battle your way through the puzzle to win the final match!

Overall, Viva Match Battle! is a really cool concept. It’s definitely a different take on multiplayer puzzles. The graphics are a really cool and are accompanied by funky background music and sound effects. All in all, a cool and addicting multiplayer puzzle game. I would recommend it to anyone.

Check out Viva Match Battle! for iOS on the App Store!

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