Clock Weather NewsAs the title suggests quite explicitly, this app is all about providing you with a clock / alarm, newsreader via Google Reader and of course the beloved weather information. Let’s go ahead and explore a little deeper.

When you open the app, the first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful, retro-style flip clock that displays the current time, and yes, will flip with each passing minute and/or hour. Nice touch. You’ll also notice a section for your news summaries at the bottom, you’ll have to log-in to your Google Reader account in order to see anything because quite frankly, the iPhone doesn’t ship with a mind reader framework (yet). Once you’ve logged in, however, you’ll be able to quickly browse through your recent news by swiping left and right. Refresh interval can also be setup in settings, which is just a swipe to the left. In fact, you can swipe in both directions. Swiping left will take you to the main menu and settings, where as swiping right will take you to setup your alarm, which is available as an in-app purchase for just a buck. At the very top of the screen, you’ll notice a nice think bar with the current location, humidity, wind speed & direction and all that fancy weather stuff. Top left will be your current weather. Use the “draggin pad” similar to the notification center pull-down tab, to drop down more weather information about upcoming days. Here you’ll find beautiful icons with weather-relevant information and the highs and lows for that day. As I’ve mentioned, the alarm is just a swipe away and is very easy to setup. Just tap the plus button to add one, scroll to set your time, enter a title and you’re set. You can turn on and off each alarm individually as well which is a nice feature.

Overall, Clock Weather News is pretty nice looking application. I found that there a few areas where the UI is little “tight-fitting” and could be arranged a little bit better. Also the newsreader at the bottom is a little hard to read. I’m not the one to indulge in boring articles so I want to skip over as quickly as possible. Something a little easier to read would be a bit better in my opinion. Other than a few small details, Clock Weather News is a great app to have in your collection so go ahead and give a try complete free!

Check out Clock Weather News for iPhone on the App Store!

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