Water CyclesWater. Its taken for granted by most people but its the most essential ingredient in today economy. Without it, almost nothing would be possible. That’s what you’ll learn while playing Water Cycles.

Water Cycles is a simple yet challenging game that takes you on the same trip that the water takes. This may sound a little odd, but in the game, your job is to construct passage ways that will guide the water from its source (usually the mountains or a well), through the city, town or other water consumer, and back into the ocean. You do so by placing tiles that represent bends, straight lines, and connection onto a “chessboard-like” board. There is a limited number of tiles so you must use them wisely. But wait, you might think, what’s the point of that? The thing you’ll learn is that its not so simple, and in fact, you must first clean and filter the water before directing it back into the ocean. This is done by placing filtration plants on the path along which the water is travelling. These plants must also come after the water has been consumed, which will be indicated by darker-coloured water. As you make your way through the levels, things pick up, and it gets progressively more challenging to direct the water through all the cities and towns while still making enough room for filtration before disposal.

Water Cycles doesn’t have a fancy design, but the interface is straightforward and somewhat self-explanatory. I personally think that the game teaches a great concept that is not implemented all that well in the real world. Water Cycles really shows the importance of clean water and how much we take it for granted. Help clean up the water with Water Cycles for your iOS device.

Check out Water Cycles for iOS on the App Store!

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