Do you like to bet? Perhaps you’re into sports. And maybe even betting on professional level sports like football, basketball or hockey. If that’s the case, then there might be an app you need to check out, called Winning Sports Betting Advice on iOS.

Winning Sports Betting Advice is your source for paid betting advice for a number of professional sports. The complete list includes Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey (NHL), International Soccer (SOC), NASCAR (NAS), Tennis (TEN) and Boxing (BOX). With Winning Sports Betting Advice you can purchase betting advice for the above sports from well recognized handicappers like Joe Gavazzi from Pittsburgh, Rocky Atkinson from South Carolina, Timo Kanerva from Finland, Billy of IndianBet from Greece, Joe D’Amico from Las Vegas, Tony Karpinski from Pennsylvania, and finally Tony George from Missouri. The price for each advice ranges anywhere from about $5-$20 and you receive a 50% if you decide to “Buy All” or “Buy Top” advices. You can also signup for free daily advice via email.

Overall, I find the app a little bit confusing to use. The interface is not very intuitive and it still doesn’t support the retina display. The interface in general is a little behind what you normally would expect from a modern-day iPhone application. But the interface isn’t very important here. What matters is the accuracy of the advice, which would obviously vary from game to game. It is the nature of advice, its simply advice and not a concrete prediction. My advice is to give Winning Sports Betting Advice a shot and see if it works for you for a few games.

Check out Winning Sports Betting Advice for iOS on the App Store!

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One Response to Winning Sports Betting Advice for iOS – App Review

  1. Charles says:

    Cool app…tried it out and it seems solid. But the interface I agree with you! It needs some work đŸ˜€ Thanks for letting us know about this…there’s a lot of apps out there like it but this is one of the better ones.

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