Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.13.26 PMThe world is multicultural place and there are increasingly more people who are struggling to learn the english language. Luckily, there are application that make the process easier. Today’s were taking a look at such application called WordCaptain.

WordCaptain is a smart dictionary that helps people instantly translate unfamiliar words as they read articles on the world wide web. The concept is rather simply, yet very powerful. As the user explores articles and web content in english, a language that is foreign to them, they have instant access to translations in their native language, descriptions and even audible pronunciation. WordCaptain allows non-native english speakers to quickly expand their vocabulary and ultimate improve upon their existing skills and abilities to speak english. It has many other features that help make the learning process as smooth as possible like ability to save words, view pronunciation guide, and much more.

Overall, WordCaptain is a great concept and has tremendous potential, however, its execution is subpar. The entire app is built around web browser views which make it extremely difficult to navigate and use. Some of the more “advanced” features are confusing and not very intuitive. Searching for words or even entering addresses simply results in google’s home page. With some improvements in the interface and usability, I think WordCaptain can definitely be a valuable tool for those learning to speak english. Either way, the app is available free of charge so feel free to give it go. Be warned, however, that it is littered with advertising in just about every imaginable location.

Check out WordCaptain for iOS on the App Store!

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