If the on-screen keyboard just doesn’t cut it for you and draggin around and external keyboard is just not something you want to do, then WritePad may be your answer.

WritePad is an advanced handwriting recognition app available for the iPad and iPhone as two separate apps. The whole idea behind WritePad is to ditch the conventional on-screen keyboard that can be extremely difficult to type on for some people. While I personally still prefer this keyboard, its not for everyone. And if you feel like that’s you, give WritePad a shot because it very good at recognizing writing. WritePad is unlike any other handwriting application I’ve seen on iOS. It offers so many features and so many point of customization in writing recognition and the user interface that you’ll be delighted to spends several minutes just the options you have to choose from. If you’re not about the options at all, on the other hand, you can simply stay away and WritePad will behave just as you’d expect. Starting a documents is as easy as tapping a [+] button. There are three main ways to enter text into your document. Writing anywhere on the screen – your handwriting will convert to text after you stop writing for brief moment, an input text box – recognizes your handwriting in real time and updates a small text buffer with the information, and you conventional on-screen keyboard – just in case you want to correct some mistakes. All three methods work quite well, but my personal favourite is the textbox input because you can see how well the app recognizes your handwriting in real time so you can correct mistakes right away.

WritePad is actually an amazing handwriting tool. What I’ve mentioned above is simply the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t even begin to touch some of the more advanced features like Dropbox syncing and WiFi sharing just to name a couple. I highly encourage you to grab yourself WritePad for either the iPhone or iPad (depending on your preference) and explore for yourself because its impossible to cover everything in this review. Overall, an excellent product for an unbelievable price.

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