Tomo SeaportOne of the best looking, the most entertaining and overall well made applications to educate and entertain your kids is here. Its called Tomo Seaport and its available for both your iPhone and iPad as a universal application for just a dollar (limited time)!

Tomo Seaport must be hands down one of the best looking children’s app that we’ve reviewed for both iOS and Android. Its definitely got the looks but what about usefulness and education factor? As far as I can tell, it has both and some. So what exactly is Tomo Seaport? The idea of the game, like most kids applications is rather simple. Put together a word by dragging the floating letters into their appropriate places and voila! Your word is formed and the narrator will announce it. Then you move on to the next word. There are actually quite a lot of level and its always fun to go back and replay some levels if you’ve forgotten that you’ve ever played it – kids tend to that quite frequently. Besides the game play I just mention, the rest of the game is filled with interactive content, and there’s animation or sounds effect just waiting to be released. There’s also a fun music section where you kids could play along to a tune using some colourful buttons; they don’t make any musical sense, but to kids its plenty of fun.

Overall, Tomo Seaport is an amazing find. If you’re reading this while the app is still just a dollar, you absolutely cannot wait any longer because its an absolutely steal! If you have kids and Tomo Seaport is still on sale, its just a no brainer – get it. With stunning graphics, funky sound effects and very addicting background music, Tomo Seaport is one of the best kid’s apps out there in my opinion. If you’ve had the pleasure of checking it, make sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you think of Tomo Seaport.

Check out Tomo Seaport for iOS on the App Store!

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