Yumby SmashHere comes another Yumby-based game! A little earlier, we’ve reviewed Yumby Toss, which was lots of fun and had some awesome visuals. Yumby Smash is no different on the visual, just as stunning, but the game play has changed somewhat, so lets go ahead an explore.

Yumby Smash is all about those little Yumbys bouncing around your screen. As I’ve mentioned, the graphics are definitely great and the gaming experience is what you’re used to if you’ve been playing Yumby Smash. If not, let me explain. When you start the game, you’ll begin with the first world and move your way up, and eventually unlock more worlds. Each world has a three-page layout of all levels so there’s plenty of action to enjoy. Not only is there tons of game play in each world, but you can also create your own levels and play other people’s created levels! To create your own, you do have to sign-up with Facebook or email, which is easy enough. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to start creating your masterpiece. What I really like about the user created levels is the ability to like it, just like you would on Facebook and see how many times it was played to give you an idea if the level is worth playing or not.

Once a level has been chosen, you’re off and the game begins. The idea is to pull back on your character with your finger to set the trajectory and let go to fire away. You have a single character that you launch around the screen rather than a team of birds like in Angry Birds. You must toss your Yumby around and smash as many blocks of material as you can, but that’s not the main goal. While the smashing is important and a certain percentage is required in order to beat the level, the main goal is to collect the essential items that are scattered around the level. Oftentimes these items are covered by the blocks you have to smash so both goals are very similar in execution. Once you’ve collected the last item, the level ends and if you didn’t get at least one star, you will have to retry your luck at beat it.

Overall, the game is really smooth, the graphics are more than satisfactory and there’s tons of content to play through especially if you consider how many user created levels there are out there. So as long as you have time to play, Yumby Smash can deliver. For all your Yumby Smashing needs, be sure to check it and give a try, after all, its free.

Check out Yumby Smash for iOS on the App Store!

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