There’s always a great time and place for brainless entertainment. Today, we’ll take a look at a great way to kill time on your iOS device without really exerting too much effort in the logic department. Let’s take a look and see what ZedSplode for iOS is all about.

The story behind ZedSplode is that a bunch bacteria decide to take on a human and its your job to battle your way through the attack. You’ll do so simply by setting off chain reactions of exploding micro-organisms. Like I said, not much effort is involved here. Just tap where you think there’s the most bacteria and they’ll do the rest by exploding themselves. You have a limited number of weapons and you’ll also be short on time so the real strategy here is wait and fire. With a little luck, you’ll get a massive chain reaction that will ultimately wipe out most of the bacteria. Don’t worry, they’ll keep on coming until you run out weapons or time. Whichever comes first.

Overall, ZedSplode is a cool little game that doesn’t ask for much commitment at all. There aren’t really any long-term challenges and there’s very little effort involved in playing. The sound effects are cool and there’s no substitute for seeing a whole bunch of microbes exploding in sequence over and over again. If you like brainless-action games, then this is a gem. Go ahead a check it out completely free.

ZedSplode for iOS on the App Store!

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