Zombie MasterIf you’ve ever thought about how cool it would be to combine a Starcraft-style style game with a 3rd person shooter, than your really don’t have think much about it much longer. Just visit the App Store and grab yourself Zombie Master.

Zombie Master is the union of a third-person shooter and a birds-eye-view, Starcraft-style action game where your job is to attack zombie infested cities, referred to as sectors, clean them up, and expand your army by constructing supply building, armouries, and other structures to help provide people and resources to continue attacks on the zombies. While that’s the idea, in practice I find that you get to do a lot more third-person shooting while invading the cities and completing missions that involve defeating zombie bosses and rescuing your fellow colleagues. And this is a good thing. The combination of two gaming styles is nice, but there’s only so much entertainment to be had from erecting buildings that provide food. The controls around the map section of the game where all the building takes place is relatively straightforward. Construction of buildings takes time, and you can expedite it by paying virtual cash. Now, moving on to the third-person shooter controls. Here you’ll find it’s a little bit awkward to control your character. Swiping the screen is how you turn your head to look around, on the left you have a virtual joystick control that will move your character as you’d expect, and on the left, the conventional joystick that you would normally use to look around is replaced with a fire button. So you must run with your left thumb, swipe to turn your head and tap on the left to shoot. It can get a little slow in terms of hitting your target. There are also other “extra” buttons that you can use to throw grenades and the like.

Overall, Zombie Master is a well built game. The graphics are very good, and the concept is definitely a unique one. The only thing that I might complain about are the third-person controls for the shooting part of the game. Although they aren’t terrible, I think they can improved ever so slightly and that would tremendously improve the overall shooting experience in Zombie Master. Other than that, you should definitely have a look at Zombie Master and see how you like it, after all, it is free.

Check out Zombie Master for iOS on the App Store!

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