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Drizzle Drop for iPhone and iPad - GiveawayDrizzle the Raindrop is on a fun adventure from his home in the sky! Help guide Drizzle through the chaos of the clouds and make it as far down the sky as you can. But watch out! Many things can happen to Drizzle as he travels downward. The faster Drizzle falls, the more he can be harmed. Avoid the flat clouds as they can really hurt Drizzle when he’s falling at maximum speed. The more damaged Drizzle gets, the smaller Drizzle becomes. Be careful not to allow for too much damage, as Drizzle will evaporate back into the clouds.

**Game Center and OpenFeint Enabled**

Game Features:

Flower – Earn extra points by watering the flowers along the way.
Rainstorm Cloud – Will suck Drizzle in, slowing him down, but will rain him out without causing any harm.
Snow Cloud – Freezes Drizzle into ice, making him virtually invisible, but much harder to control.
Hot Air Patches – Turn Drizzle into steam and cause him to float upwards.
Raindrops – Restore health to help Drizzle recover from damage.
Drizzle’s Friends – Collect Drizzle’s friends along the way to earn extra points.

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