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Graffiti Tagger HD for iPad - GiveawayGraffiti-Tagger HD for iPad contains:
-15 Text Characters
-7 Fonts
-15 Art pieces
-6 City-scapes
-17 Backgrounds
-10710 Variations
-Extra Effects

Introducing Graffiti-Tagger HD, the first iPad app to exclusively offer a QR barcode creator and scanner with the official Graffiti Fonts type collection for creating tags, pieces and street art with the leader in authentic graffiti lettering, complete with art and backgrounds. You can also add QR barcodes to your tag to let people discover more about you.

Graffiti-Tagger is the perfect answer for artists, designers, musicians, webmasters, promoters, DJs, screen printers, tattoo artists, fashion designers, skate boarders, t-shirt designers and anyone with an itch for street art quality fonts and backgrounds.

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