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Piffle Connect for iPhone - GiveawayPiffle Connect is a multiplayer word game featuring several methods to connect with and challenge your friends. If you don’t happen to like your friends, we’re here for you because Piffle Connect also gives you the option to play against random opponents. The game challenges players to take turns by applying up to 6 letters on an existing word in an attempt to create a new word. By ‘new word’ I don’t mean you get to make up words. Your new word must be recognizable by most dictionaries; not a word known only to you and your super-secret society friends. As the game continues, each word becomes a little more difficult to work with. We give you a three wilds (special functions you can use only once each per game). Wilds help to manipulate the word or replace your existing letters when you have no other choice, but using a wild is costly so only use one when you must. Piffle Connect is a fun twist on social word games, and works on both iPhone and iPad. Anyone who loves to play word games or crossword puzzles will love Piffle Connect. Think you’re good with words? Play Piffle Connect now to see how good you really are!

Three game duration options:
– Quick (4 rounds) – When you don’t have much time, or just want to quickly show your opponent who’s the real word boss.

– Standard (9 rounds) – When you want to play a game that lasts a little longer, but not too long, but not too short, just long enough time without … you get the idea, this game is for you.

– Marathon (14 rounds) – When the idea of a world without Piffle Connect is just not a world worth thinking, you will want to play a Marathon game. We also suggest you seek professional help.

Play up to 20 games simultaneously:

Can’t get enough of Piffle Connect, don’t worry. We designed the game so you can play up to 20 games simultaneously so you’ll never have to wait long for your next turn.

Push notifications:

You never need to wonder if it’s your turn because Piffle Connect will notify automatically.

Comprehensive Dictionary:

Piffle Connect includes a comprehensive dictionary that automatic validates every word you play. Sorry, but we didn’t include a thesaurus because that would be cheating. J

Solo play mode:

You can play a game in solo mode if you just can’t get a cell or wifi connection, or in case you’re just not feeling all that friendly. We call that “Personal Piffle Time”.

Local multiplayer mode:

If you happen to be sitting around with a group of friends but you’re the only one with an iPhone or iPad, don’t worry. You can play Piffle Connect with up to 4 players by passing the device around for each player’s turn. However, we couldn’t figure out how to redirect phone calls so all incoming phone calls will still be for you.

Social play mode:

Challenge your friends anytime, anywhere. Start a word game competition by inviting your Facebook friends or by allowing the Piffle Connect server to randomly choose your opponent from anywhere in the world. You never know. I’m just saying…

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