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Shame Alarm for iPhone - Giveaway“I’m a contemptible person, unable to even wake up on time. I deserve not your friendship, but scorn!”

That message (or one of your liking) will be posted–from your Facebook and Twitter accounts–to everyone you know if you fail to wake up to Shame Alarm.

Have trouble getting out of bed? What better way to motivate you than knowledge that if you fail to get up, everyone from your parents to your co workers to your Twitter followers in Indonesia will know that you lack the ability to perform one of the most basic of bodily functions?

Trust us, when this little alarm clock goes off, you’ll move quickly to get to the dresser, because if you don’t, someone will know about it.

Shame Alarm is guaranteed to increase your morning productivity! Simply log in to Facebook and/or Twitter, and you’ll never fail to wake up again!


**8 classic wake up ringtones
**Add vibrate for some extra buzz
**Set alarm to repeat on select days
**Dark interface for perfect night time usage
**Remember, like all third party alarm clock apps, you must leave the app running overnight. Make sure it’s plugged in!

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