Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 3.50.42 PMiTunes is a great piece of software to organize your music library and keep all your content neatly sorted by artist and other criteria. However, sometimes songs are missing that critical info for mixing and creating playlist – beats per minute. That’s where BeatGauge comes in.

BeatGauge is extremely simple yet powerful tool that will automatically scan your library and populate the song file metadata with the beats per minute data. This is extremely important for DJs or anybody compositing a list of songs that need to go well together. Whether its for an evening mix or your workout playlist, a good collection of songs is important to set the right mood. Using BeatGauge is extraordinarily easy. It server just one purpose, and that is to scan your songs. To start, you drag individual files straight from iTunes, or you can select entire folders from your hard drive. It is entirely up to you and BeatGauge will work wonders regardless of the method. It works in parallel so it’s extremely fast at working through large collection of files. Obviously, the performance also largely depends on your computing power. Needless to say, if you’re attempting scanning thousands of songs on a Macbook Air, it will take quite a bit longer than a beastly Mac Pro with 12-core CPUs.

Overall, BeatGauge is an awesome utility that works extremely well at doing one thing – analyzing your music library and populating all songs with a beats per minute value. If you’re looking to clean up your music library and fill in some missing BPM values, this is the perfect tool for the job. It is a little pricey at $8 but it works well. If you don’t mind spending the cash, go ahead and give BeatGauge a go.

Check out BeatGauge for Mac on the App Store!

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