Blo-BallToday we’re taking a look at a very simple, yet pretty fun game for the Mac called Blo-Ball. If you like soccer and want to kill a few minutes distracting yourself from a productive (or maybe not) work environment, this game is for you.

Blo-Ball is exactly what it sounds like. If you were to play in real life, you would grab a straw, and use the power of your concentrated breath to direct your players to move and ultimate score the ball. Except this game is played on a computer and therefore blowing with real straws is replaced by click, drag and let go actions. The idea, however, remains the same. When you start the game, you’ll have the choice of three game difficulties and varios visual options, which for most people, will never need to change. Personally, my favorite difficulty is the easy one, because it is an extremely laid-back game, and the computer will virtually never score unless you happen to “look away” for 10 minutes. Makes you feel like you’re really good at soccer, at least in the game anyway.

Overall, the game is actually quite fun and enjoyable. Like I said, the easy difficulty is definitely the way to go in my opinion unless you’re looking for a challenge, which I’m not. The only thing that I will mention, however, is the incredibly irritating spinning soccer field that doesn’t go away for the entire time you spend in the main menu. Who ever though that it was a good idea, clearly didn’t stare at it for longer than 10 seconds. Just from the pre-game setup that takes roughly 20 seconds, the spinning already game me a headache. A word of advice. Get rid of the spinning field. Please. Other than that, the game is fun and has potential to be even better when the vertigo goes away.

Check out Blo-Ball for Mac OS X on the Mac App Store!

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