Staring at a boring old wallpaper on your Macintosh desktop again? Wish you didn’t have to? Well now, you don’t. With Cinemagraph Wallpaper for Mac, your wallpapers become epic animations.

Cinemagraph Wallpaper is a rather simple app that takes your desktop wallpaper to a whole new level. If you’re familiar with live wallpapers for Android devices, this will come as no surprise. Cinemagraph Wallpaper supplies you with animated desktop pictures that really bring your computer to life. Instead of staring blankly at dull abstract design or the die-hard Apple fan logo wallpaper, you can be teleported into a new world of animated desktops. The app will come loaded with 4 very nice wallpapers, with more wallpapers coming with every update. If you’re on Macbook Pro and battery life is of concern, Cinemagraph Wallpaper allows you disable animation when running only on battery power. Once you plug it in, the animation will resume. The wallpapers are also available in a variety of resolutions including full HD.

Overall, Cinemagraph Wallpaper is great app. Its simple to use and yields beautiful wallpapers that really add to your desktop. I highly recommend this for anyone with a Mac.

Check out Cinemagraph Wallpaper for Mac on the Mac App Store!

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