Since the Mac computers have become popular in the past decade, thanks to their ease of use, lack of viruses and occasionally rare habits to misbehave, people have been wondering. How DO you clean your Mac?

Around 2008 a team of brilliant developers came up with the idea to create a program that would clean up your Mac. Its intelligent code allows to locate and delete the unnecessary files that may potentially slow down the operation of your computer. It cleans out your caches, logs, unnecessary language files (that take up an enormous amount of space) which are extremely useless if you speak one or even five languages, universal binaries, files that they call “system junk” which include debugging files, .DS_Store files, and much more. If you’re coming from a PC you’ve probably heard of CCleaner (you can find the CCleaner article here). Clean My Mac is essential the Mac version of CCleaner and is one of the most effective and simple-to-use apps to clean up your Mac.

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