Screen-Shot-2016-04-15-at-3.22.29-PM.pngNot long ago we reviewed Ogg for iOS and it was a cool spin a gently-paced puzzle game that let’s you help Ogg, the prehistoric caveman solve various challenges and “life problems” that he encounters. Today, we’re taking a look at the Mac version of Ogg.

Ogg for Mac is a cool, old-school-style puzzle game. It’s basic principle is to help Ogg solve challenges by directing his dropped objects with deflectors to the right targets. At the beginning the number of flips required to solve the puzzle isn’t very large, usually just one, but as you progress through the game the levels get more challenging and the game gets you thinking more and more. You’ll also encounter cool enemies and occasionally helpful buddies that make the challenge possible. The game in general has a lot of quirky humor, which makes it much less boring than an ordinary puzzle. What I like about the Mac version of Ogg is that you could resize the window to a comfortable level and have the game hanging out in the background so you could pick up where you left off in between tasks.

Overall, Ogg is a pretty cool puzzle game. Its simple gameplay, and retro graphics make for a pretty unique feel. Ogg isn’t about cutting edge graphics or high-end animations, but instead it provides a fun, easy-to-play experience solving funky puzzle with Ogg. If you like any type of puzzle games, check out Ogg for Mac.

Check out Ogg for Mac on the Mac App Store!

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