If you’ve ever wanted to record a Skype conversation or a YouTube video and just couldn’t figure out how its possible? Well worry no more, because the ultimate solution that preserves the crispness and clarity of original audio is finally here for Mac. Its called Onde Audio Recorder.

Onde Audio Recorder is in fact a really simple tool that anyone can use to record audio from any source on your Macintosh. Whether its a YouTube video in Safari, Chrome or Firefox, or perhaps audio from an application or a skype conversation, Onde Audio Recorder will gladly save any audio into an easy to use and share .mp3 file at 128kbps. The best part is that there is no learning. Once you open the application, you simply choose which application you would like to record audio from and click the record button beside that app. Onde Audio Recorder will listen for silence and only start the recording once the sound begins. When you want to stop the recording, simply press the stop button and Onde Audio Recorder will automatically create an .mp3 of everything that just happened in the application. Onde Audio Recorder also features a simple audio trimmer that you can use to trim your audio. And if recording sound from apps isn’t what you’re looking for, Onde Audio Recorder will also allow you to record anything from your internal microphone or and external one if you happen to have one.

Overall, Onde Audio Recorder is a fantastic utility that will always come in handy. If you’re an avid YouTuber or just love recording random things on your Mac, Onde Audio Recorder is a must have app. The interface is simple, clean and easy to use. You just can’t go wrong with Onde Audio Recorder.

Check out Onde Audio Recorder for Mac here!

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