So you know that music collection of CD stock pilled in your basement “storage room”? The one you’ll probably never touch again in your life? I bet you didn’t know that you can easily get real cash for all of it. Using its about as easy as typing in some barcodes. is actually quite awesome. It makes it extremely easy to pile up your junk CDs, DVDs and old video game discs into a box and send it to them for 100% real money. Simply type in the barcodes for all the products that you want to sell to them and conveniently, for each one, you’ll be given an offer price. This is the price that you’ll get for that particular item. Just to give you an idea, I typed in the barcode for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album and it came up with 89 cents. While its not extremely rewarding, couple hundred CDs will reap you so serious rewards, considering that they currently collection dust in the basement. It is more like garage sale money, except you don’t have to waste time bargaining. Just fill out your stuff, and you’re basement will be off to a new start. Definitely give a go here:

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