The next time you’re sitting on a bus and you hear someone’s cell phone ring, listen closely. That might not be a ringtone. It might be the sound of slot machine reels spinning or bells going off because the guy next to you just hit the jackpot.

Mobile gambling has taken off dramatically in Canada over the last few years and a record number of Canadians are jumping online to win real money from their smartphone.

Because mobile gambling is changing so rapidly, the smart people are using comparison sites to find great places to play. Why? Because keeping up to date with what’s new in the mobile gambling market can be a bit of a juggling act.

A lot has changed since the first mobile casino hit the market. Back then, you could only play a handful of games, mainly limited to blackjack and a few slot machines. Online poker sites didn’t really exist on smartphones because of data speed problems that forced players out of hands.

But today? Online casinos offer dozens of mobile games, including video poker, slots, and roulette. And thanks to LTE and better connectivity throughout Canada, poker players in major urban centres don’t have to worry about being smacked out of a hand because Rogers, Bell, or Telus let them down (though connection issues still occur in some areas).

Mobile gambling sites are also starting to understand that players want an identical version on the go as they have while they’re on a Mac or PC. That’s why many of the original sites that created an inferior mobile product have gone back to the drawing board to bring their desktop experience to the smartphone.

What the future of mobile gambling looks like

There are some big challenges with mobile gambling. One of the big ones? The screen size issue. How can an online casino possibly fit an entire roulette table onto a 3.5” screen? Even some of the larger Android phones that run 4” or 5” in size are still relatively small.

As more Canadians look to win on the go, a lot of gambling sites are starting to pump loads of money into their app development division. Over the last few years, Marketing got the bulk of an Internet casino’s budget because the software didn’t need to be regularly tweaked. But now that online casinos, poker sites, and betting sites need to keep up with consumers who expect to do everything on the go, we can expect to see companies change.

But the onus won’t necessarily be on online gambling sites to cram their software into a small package. The truth is the world of mobile phones and tablets are colliding. Cell phones are getting bigger, not smaller, and they’re starting to converge with the tablet. As screen sizes grow, online gambling sites will be able to deliver an even better product.

Discovering the best mobile gambling sites today

You don’t have to wait a year or two for gambling sites to get their act together and provide you with a mobile gambling experience that works. There are a number of great mobile gambling casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites that offer everything you’re looking for in a small package.

We’ve reviewed a ton of them, checking out the on-the-go experience and reviewing non-mobile related stuff like deposit options, customer service, quality of gameplay, and more. We encourage you to read our reviews and discover your new favourite mobile gambling site. And yes, you can read our reviews from your smartphone.

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