Today, technology has progressed beyond our wildest dreams. Information-sharing, collaboration and research have all excelled, thanks to technological breakthroughs, such as the Internet, Cloud Computing, and more. At the moment, if there’s one field that has taken to the skies big time due to innovations in technology, then it has to be the world of education. High-tech portable devices such as laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices have become the newest and most efficient enablers for education. With cloud computing and the Internet, a new breed of applications have emerged, which work seamlessly across several mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, and full-fledged operating systems, as well.

Choosing a device can be a hard task, thanks to the large variety of devices available today. However, for educational purposes, choosing the best laptop based on your needs is very important, and can go a long way in ensuring optimum knowledge discovery. However, that is not enough. The software too needs to be effective enough to help the students make the best of the available hardware and opportunities. Here are some interesting applications that are immensely helpful for educational purposes:

1. IBM Think: While available only for tablet PCs, this app is an information power house. It chronicles the advancements that technology has made through the ages, in an intuitive and beautiful way.

2. Google Apps: Google’s apps for education and collaboration are a collection of different tools that students can easily use to create powerful presentations or documents, within minutes. Thanks to the ease of use, its cloud-based nature and familiarity, Google Apps offer tools that really go a long way in facilitating the learning process. The apps include an online document editor, a spreadsheet app, a calendar, a vault, a drive (online storage area) and much more. All these apps work seamlessly together to give a holistic educative experience.

3. Wikipedia App: Available for all mobile platforms, this official app brings the power of WikiPedia to the mobile device. Free to download and fully open source, this app is easy to use and comes with a host of features to facilitate sharing, discovery and research.

4. MathBoard for iOS: Targeted at school age children, this app starts with the simplest of mathematical problems, and builds up along the way to more difficult or complex problems. This one is a really good app for kids to start their journey into the world of mathematics. Available for Apple’s iOS, this app is regularly updated and is quite low-priced.

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