Are you an iPhone photographer? Snapping photos with every great opportunity? If so, you might benefit from an app that can pay you money for those photos called Clashot for iPhone.

Clashot makes earning money as simple as clicking the virtual shutter button on the iPhone. The concept is rather simple. Take attractive photos that people may want to purchase, upload them to Clashot and wait while your photos make money. Of course not every photo will bring it hundreds of dollars, in fact, its very far from it. However, some money is better than no money at all. By using Clashot you don’t loose anything except gain the opportunity to make an income on the photos you take. To get started, just create a free account and start taking photos. You can also view what others are doing with Clashot by visiting the photo feed where you can view photos by category or search photos by tags or title. Uploading your photos is also very straightforward. Select the photo you’d like to upload, give it a name, category, some tags and you’re ready to submit it.

Overall, I thought that Clashot is a very creative take on photos on the iPhone. If you have the opportunity to maybe earn some cash, then why not? Its also a great place to have a look at popular photos that others are taking all over the world. In addition to the iPhone app, you can also browse photos on the Clashot website. While the app does have its hiccups, with several crashes just throughout the testing process, its still very useable and offers a great platform for photographer. I’m sure the crashes will be resolved in the future updates to come, but for now, you should go ahead and give Clashot a test drive anyway.

Check out Clashot for iPhone on the App Store!

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One Response to Make money by taking photos on the iPhone with Clashot

  1. Jacksmith says:

    Its is a great app where anyone can show their talent of photography and even earn money from this hobby of photography.

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